Public Comments

Date Received Name Organization Comment
4/26/2021   The People’s Redistricting Alliance

Public Comment on the Supervisorial Redistricting Process for the April 27, 2021 Meeting


6/22/2021   The People’s Redistricting Alliance

Public Comment on the Supervisorial Redistricting Process for the June 22, 2021 Meeting


6/22/2021 Ron Torres  

Walked on by stop group of people gathering. Did the pledge of the United States of America. Had to leave went to church met a few people. Did not know what was going one. Stayed for a little while. Something to speak in your office chamber. I did not speak. The board of Supervisors did not let June 22, 2021 the public in?

6/23/2021 Jai Hudson  

The people should have a choice in who represents their district. This could be done through pooling, voting, and census.

6/23/2021 Trish T  

When it comes to districting the people of the community should have a say in who will be representing them on the board. Districting should not be marginalized to benefit the elected power.

There should be a vote by the community on who represents them.

6/23/2021 Francesca C  

Communities are bounded by experience, background, cultures, - shared collectively by these communities. As the county considers redistricting, I urge to keep this in mind and not divide communities- but instead consider their voices and power within their communities to remain.

7/14/2021 Victor Paglia  

In order to help residents as opposed to politicians an independent commission needs to do the work of redrawing election boundaries for offices not the board of supervisors. The board needs to stay completely divorced from this process in order to avoid accusations of seeking personal gain over the interest of residents.

My wife and I, who live in Newport Beach, would like to be reassured that you will do this.

8/3/2021 Jill R  

I'm concerned with the possibility of gerrymandering and would like to know what the County is doing to make sure this doesn't take place. I would like to know what redistricting does for voting rights and what local voting will look like after the redistricting has concluded. I want to ensure that redistricting and its ties to voting are being looked upon.

8/4/2021   Latino Health Access

Public Comment on the Supervisorial Redistricting Process for the August 4, 2021 Public Workshop

8/11/2021 Karen Alvarado Orange County Congregation Community Organization

Public Comment on the Supervisorial Redistricting Process for the August 11, 2021 Public Workshop

8/18/2021   The City of Huntington Beach


9/7/2021 Kayla Asato Orange County Environmental Justice

Public Comment on the Supervisorial Redistricting Process for the August Public Workshops

9/30/2021 Taavi Kaskla UDW Union Representative, Orange County

UDA Testimony

10/1/2021 Caroline Nguyen California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative (CHNSC)

COI Testimony

10/1/2021 Susan Cheng AHRI for Justice

COI Testimony: My name is Susan Cheng and I am speaking on behalf of AHRI for Justice. Our organization serves low-income individuals and families, undocumented workers, young people, and survivors of domestic violence through our many programs such as civic engagement, youth organizing, and direct legal services. In addition we are a member of the People’s Redistricting Alliance, a coalition of 16 community-based organizations established to promote a greater community voice in statewide and local redistricting processes here in Orange County.

The communities of interest we serve in the city of Fullerton and Buena Park primarily consist of Asian American, Latinx, Pacific Islander, undocumented & immigrant communities, LGBTQ+ folks, and low-income communities of color. Many of these communities face similar issues due to the lack of resources provided, such as lack of affordable housing due to gentrification. And even lack of resources and support when cities were shut down due to Stay At Home orders back in March last year. Yet, these communities are the backbone of the cities’ abundant small businesses and cultural landscape. We are also seeing more and more young folks from the large student populations of Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College being actively involved in Fullerton’s civic life. These young and working-class residents living in Fullerton and surrounding cities like Buena Park, want nothing more than to have their fair share of resources so their communities can thrive. Many of the students we work with want to see Ethnic Studies implemented in K-12 schools. They want community gardens, affordable housing, and accessible mental health resources. Again and again, the needs of our underserved communities such as Asian American, Latinx, Pacific Islander, immigrant, and low income communities of color are not addressed. Even when immigrant communities do want to get involved, there are obstacles such as language barriers, accessibility, time restraints, and even more that further distance folks from being able to use their voice. Instead the focus tends to be on tourism and businesses such as the vacation spots down Beach Blvd, like Knotts Berry Farm, and the Downtown Fullerton business district rather than prioritizing marginalized folks who are the pillar of the community.

Now more than ever, it is time for this to change. It is crucial that our communities in Fullerton and Buena Park are kept together because they share similar struggles and experiences. By staying together, we have a stronger voice to ensure that policymakers will address our needs.

10/2/2021 Rashad Al-Dabbagh Arab American Civic Council

COI Testimony

10/4/2021 Charlene Kazner Pacific Islander Health Partnership

COI Testimony

10/5/2021 Hina Ahmad South Asian Network

COI Testimony

10/6/2021 Vincent Tran VietRISE

COI Testimony

10/6/2021 Otniel Pavia Orange County Voter Information Project

COI Testimony

10/6/2021 Dulce Saavedra Resilience Orange County

COI Testimony

10/7/2021 Christina Nguyen Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance

COI Testimony

10/7/2021 Cynthia Valencia American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California


10/12/2021 Kelani Silk Pacific Islander Health Partnership

COI Testimony

10/15/2021 Ernest Herrera Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund


10/15/2021   People’s Redistricting Alliance