Public Comments

Date Received Name Organization Comment
7/14/2021 Victor Paglia  

In order to help residents as opposed to politicians an independent commission needs to do the work of redrawing election boundaries for offices not the board of supervisors. The board needs to stay completely divorced from this process in order to avoid accusations of seeking personal gain over the interest of residents.

My wife and I, who live in Newport Beach, would like to be reassured that you will do this.

6/23/2021 Jai Hudson  

The people should have a choice in who represents their district. This could be done through pooling, voting, and census.

6/23/2021 Trish T  

When it comes to districting the people of the community should have a say in who will be representing them on the board. Districting should not be marginalized to benefit the elected power.

There should be a vote by the community on who represents them.

6/23/2021 Francesca C  

Communities are bounded by experience, background, cultures, - shared collectively by these communities. As the county considers redistricting, I urge to keep this in mind and not divide communities- but instead consider their voices and power within their communities to remain.

6/22/2021 Ron Torres  

Walked on by stop group of people gathering. Did the pledge of the United States of America. Had to leave went to church met a few people. Did not know what was going one. Stayed for a little while. Something to speak in your office chamber. I did not speak. The board of Supervisors did not let June 22, 2021 the public in?